Reasons to Integrate Marketo with your business software

Reasons to Integrate Marketo with your business software

Marketo Integration

In today’s competitive world marketing is too important to be left only with the marketing team. Marketing is the core of any business and only innovative marketing could help in getting better ROI. Marketing software like Marketo has changed the way of marketing once and for all. Gone are the days where they were considered only to be sending Emails and simple marketing co-ordinations.Nowadays Marketo Integration helps in marketing to take them to new horizons.

What is Marketo Integration?

Marketo is an account-based marketing automation tool to help in managing combined sales and marketing efforts. The evolution of Marketo for more than a decade now has only benefited business in innovative marketing ways. Now integrating it into various other applications and systems bring in far better results than using it separately. They could be integrated by Bedrock data, the integration partner of Marketo.

What are the applications and systems Marketo could be integrated?

To facilitate marketing in an innovative and systematic way of integrating Marketo with business software is essential. They could be integrated without any further cost with the following applications for giving better marking strategies and solutions:

Reasons to integrate Marketo in business software

Integrating Marketo in business software could yield mind-boggling changes in the way of marketing of an organization. The major benefit of integrating Marketo with CRM could give right ROI for any marketing campaign. The continuous and constant monitoring of specific areas of interest of marketing benefits could help improve marketing for better ROI. The following are some reasons why Marketo should be integrated into business software:

  • To analyze the current trend and change the marketing campaign as per the trend for better results
  • Optimizing the efficiency of marketing by cloning many programs like e-mail, landing pages and others
  • Managing lead generation campaigns, e-mail marketing, and other lead nurturing activities
  • Evaluate marketing programs and their performance on a day to day basis
  • Providing qualified leads to the sales team at the right time for better marketing results
  • Closed-end reporting to evaluate the ROI any time of the marketing campaign
  • Tracking sales leads back to certain marketing strategies which were successful and replicating them in other areas of business
  • Data from Marketo integration will help in analyzing the demography and behavior of the qualified leads to make the prospects of the business
  • Integration of CRM with Marketo will enable a better seamless database connection. This leads to up to date and accurate data available for making professional marketing.
  • The leads can be aligned with the lead scores obtained by them through various metrics. This will facilitate following the important leads rather than the lesser ones. This could save time and be beneficial in finalizing the right ones at the right time.
  • A suitable marketing campaign could be created with the help of a lead database from Marketo with other sales tools.

Integrating Marketo with the business software ensures their success by sending the right message at the right time to the right people.

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