Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service (CFS)

Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service (CFS)

The Internet enabled devices are modernizing field service by allowing organizations to monitor equipment remotely, troubleshoot faulty devices, and often complete repairs before the customer knows that there is a problem.

The Connected Field Service solution associates data from an IoT platform into the Dynamics 365 for Field Service app to help organizations proactively detect problem, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely with Internet of Things connected devices. Fix problems before customers even know about it then notify them and attempt to solve them remotely so your technicians are only sent when necessary.

This proactive service model is more profitable, dramatically improves key performance indicators like first-time fix rates, and paves the way for future use of innovative, customer-centric tools like Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality. It

  • Is simple to configure and connect both new and existing customer assets.
  • Decrease number of repair appointments by dispatching fewer technicians.
  • Perform just-in-time preventative maintenance by understanding actual consumption.
  • Reduce downtime by automatically creating work orders and dispatching the right technician for the job based on anomalies flagged in your IoT data.

Connected field service, at any level, will provide many advantages:

  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing downtime
  • Predicts and proactively prevents breakdowns
  • Addresses issues faster by monitoring devices remotely
  • Automatically determines and schedules resources when field technicians are needed
  • Provides a central view for product usage, issues, and repair history
  • Reduces costs by dispatching the right technicians only when needed
  • Identifies underperforming or faulty equipment
  • Allows preventive maintenance
  • Improves first-time fix rates